Message from the Chairperson

It gives us great pleasure to see that each time a new Annual Report is presented; it reflects growth within the National Women Association for Social and Education Advancement (NWASEA), not only in numbers, but also the magnitude and impact of our activities. Herein, the 2015 Annual report provides significant achievements as highlighted, and therefore justification for us all to celebrate.
Among others, NWASEA has taken huge strides in ensuring that the voices of the voiceless are captured in the Education policy, Land policy and the Environmental Policy. Over 75% of the issues advocated for included; promotion of girl child education, women literacy and empowerment, and opening of four field offices at Buwaaya, Waibuga, Igombe and Imanyiro sub counties to help with women land rights issues and enable para legal’s refer dispute land conflicts to relevant authorities for redress, with land rights Desk Officers, training of Paralegals and local leaders; increased media visibility of NWASEA both locally and Nationally to mention but a few.
NWASEA was visible through 2015 on the local and National scene, as it challenged the local government in Eastern
Uganda towards the promotion of community empowerment, advocacy and service delivery, promotion of non-formal Education, protection of human rights gender mainstreaming and freedoms especially for women. Empowerment of communities was enhanced in 5 sub counties where the organization imparted skills, knowledge in promotion of poverty resource monitoring. Using this tool, communities were able to select 1 health center and 2 primary schools and use them as pilot to examine both facilities and use information to lobby leaders to improve on service delivery. Adult education programmes were also enhanced using sustainability strategies. As we move into yet another challenging year for the civil society organizations, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all members of NWASEA to rise up to the occasion and not be found wanting when called-upon to challenge government where it has slackened in the promotion, protection and respect fundamental human rights and freedoms, as well as empowering communities for sustainable development. I take this opportunity to salute all the members and wish you a fruitful 2015.

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