Message of the Executive Director

In this year 2015, efforts were invested in assisting local community leaders, community based groups, and community members to improve their capacity to amplify their voices and wishes in the development arena.

In the area of human rights, most especially women Education, land rights, and advocacy, together, we ensured that NWASEA pursued further its path of empowering communities to demand for their fundamental human rights and freedoms, improved service delivery through advocacy and lobbying of those in authority. In turn these activities helped NWASEA maintain a local presence through a variety of initiatives which were well received by the members and the public.

Admittedly, we would not be where we are without the generous support of all our partners and donors. To you all thanks for boosting our capacity to deliver to the most needy women, children, and men in Uganda.

NWASEA has a bright future ahead, but this can only be realized with continued determination, and sometimes sacrifice. I implore all funders, partners, friends and all members of the Organization to offer the secretariat all the support required to achieve our intended goals. When we work together, the sky is the limit. Some of the major achievements are mentioned in this report. Member’s skills in reading, writing, numeracy and production of FAL materials improved. This programme is a major component of the 2013/2017 strategic plan. The strategy for pursuing of this was through training of FAL instructors and provision of advisory services. There has also been the production of the English primer for first time readers.

Knowledge and skills to 29 groups in the design of gender sensitive poverty eradication and planning improved. Active and collective involvement in decision making of their development agenda was registered in Iganga, Mayuge and Luuka Districts

I salute all those who have contributed to our success both in form of human and financial resources. Above all I thank all members of NWASEA for their commitment and understanding they have exhibited throughout 2015. “Bravo” Hallo, the battle has just begun.

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