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newletter 2017

Our News Letter is Out

Our esteemed readers, it is a pleasure to share with you this NWASEA Quarterly Newsletter.  In this issue, we present to you a project entitled “Strengthening Women Land rights and their access to justice’’

Read it Here!  News Letter 1st Quarter 2017.

What we managed to do in 2016: Click here to view NWASEA Annual Report 2016

Message from the Chairperson

It gives us great pleasure to see that each time a new Annual Report is presented; it reflects growth within the National Women Association for Social and Education Advancement (NWASEA), not only in numbers, but also the magnitude and impact of our activities. Herein, the 2015 Annual report provides significant achievements as highlighted, and therefore justification for us all to celebrate.
Among others, NWASEA has taken huge strides in ensuring that the voices of the voiceless are, .. READ MORE, ...


Message of the Executive Director

In this year 2015, efforts were invested in assisting local community leaders, community based groups, and community members to improve their capacity to amplify their voices and wishes in the development arena.

In the area of human rights, most especially women Education, land rights, and advocacy, together, we ensured that NWASEA pursued further its path of empowering communities to demand for their fundamental human rights and freedoms, improved service delivery through advocacy and lobbying of, ... READ MORE, ...

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