Functional Adult Literacy


Illiteracy is one of the reasons that accounts for poverty existence among women and people in rural communities. Nwasea introduced the Functional ADULT LITERACY (FAL) program, to bring about enlightenment and literacy about different spheres of Life and the economy. This program has empowered over 15.421.


Many women in the communities have not yet been reached by FAL, which also limits their effective participation in leadership and local governance. To make sure as many women as possible get access to FAL, NWASEA has installed a program, where first FAL instructors are chosen and educated and by using the specially created “learners” material, they are caring about the FAL classes in the communities.


  • 585 FAL instructors have been trained
  • 22.000 copies of “learners” material has been given out
  • 15.421 FAL learners graduated

Monitoring Meeting Report

News Letter 1st Quarter 2017

NWASEA Annual Report 2016