Health Care

Health Care

We provide Health care, examination, prevention and treatment to various Communities.


Many girls and women do not have access to proper health prevention or treatment possibilities. Therefore we make sure, we bring information and examination to the communities and encourage them to use treatment possibilities in case affected.


  • 305 youth were trained about reproductive health information
  • 1250 women were sensitized of STIs/STDs (90% were actually infected)
  • 275 women got early detection and treatment of breast and cervical cancer (6 lives have been saved)


Under the Health Project

We offer health learning as well as addressing health questions and answers to mothers and girls. We also carry out medical checkups on STDs, STIs and cancer. With support from partners, we have been able to save lives of more than 200 mothers and girls by providing treatment and drugs. However, there is still much more to be done as the reduction rate of the mentioned diseases is still minimal.

Photo Above: Breast Cancer Examination in Women