Volunteering With Nwasea

We have available volunteer opportunities at Our Offices and within the Communities where we serve. We currently need over 50 volunteers to come join us in supporting the work that we do, which will add significant value to us. We value Volunteers and their participation because it has Nwasea MOVE ON to achieve its Vision and Mission. Volunteers have Transformed Lives for good.

Volunteer Activities

If you wish to volunteer with NWASEA, you may choose to participate by performing any of the following activities;

  1.  Girl Child Training (Teaching)
  2.  Career Guidance
  3.  Fundraising
  4.  Hygiene and sanitation enlightenment in School
  5.  Cleaning health centers
  6.  Health improvement
  7.  Donation giving and distribution
  8.  Undertaking Research

Volunteer Requirements

Please note that Our Team will, specifically the Executive Director will email you all the requirements upon applying to volunteer with NWASEA.

Your Time With Us

Nwasea will be glad to receive you right from the time you will land in Uganda at the Air Port to your departure; You will stay in a safe and secure accommodation place at one of our Staff Members homes or Hotel. You will also enjoy touring different places in Uganda, one of them being the Source of the Nile. Your Time with us will be joyous. We look forward to receiving you.

Local Volunteers are also advised to visit our Offices in Iganga or Contact Us.

Apply to Volunteer

To APPLY, simply enter details in the email contact form provided below. Under message, enter content related to volunteering and submit. We will get back to you shortly.